Regardless of where you train or if it is with us, get trained by a professional. Throughout your time in paragliding, keep learning, go to clinics and seek knowledge. Don’t be afraid. Do gain knowledge from professionals and progress slowly.

Paragliding is classified as an extreme sport which carries with it, like all aviation related activities, an associated risk of serious injury or death.


We also love YouTube, but it is not the right place to learn to paraglide. Come train with us, we have curriculum, experience and have taught a great many people to fly without injury.

Basic Instruction:

Pilots are rated from Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced. The Novice (known in the US as P2) rating is the basic necessary licensing level for a pilot to fly independently. This is an indicator that the pilot is in possession of a body of knowledge that enables them to be able to make pilot decisions without an instructor present. ALWAYS seek an certified, qualified instructor with a curriculum and an established training program. We are USHPA certified, possess college level teaching experience and offer a proven program. Below is our training curriculum.

You can start training using our training gear but we recommend you get your own soon thereafter if you are going to continue. This way, you have familiarity with the glider and harness you will fly as a pilot. Gear is available new or used in a range of prices. A harness will last you many seasons, a new reserve is good for 10 years and a new wing is good for 6 years or 300 hours of flight. You get what you pay for and if you are going to train with us on used gear, please consult with us first. You MUST have an A rated wing to learn and you MUST have a harness with airbag or foam. We like you with both your legs in tact!

Advanced Instruction :

One of the more difficult progressions is from intermediate to advanced paragliding.  Our progressions include a combination of ground school and practical instruction including specific flight exercises designed to increase your skills.  The advancement is inclusive of the main disciplines in flight; ridge soaring and thermal flying. We also competently instruct special skills training including cliff launching, towing certification, high altitude, cross country and turbulence.  Our program takes pilots through exercises in all disciplines and assures as a pilot, you have the confidence to fly.

We concentrate on making sure your knowledge is up to date. This includes the latest techniques, advanced weather understanding, pioneering sites, cartography, and of course, gear and safety. We want you to be skilled and knowledgable!

We run clinics as well as individual instruction including special skills camps.  If you’re trying to improve, come improve with us!

Fly high and far!!

Refresher/Returning to the Sport:

If you are not current or have not been flying for some time, consider spending a weekend with us. We offer refresher courses designed to bring those skills back. We’ll check your gear, pack your reserve and get you up to speed with an eye on your safety. It will come back, but we can get you there faster, safer and add a few points too!

Special Skills:

We offer training and certification in paragliding special skills.  The most worked on skills include ride soaring, cliff launch, high altitude and surface tow.  Come train with us – have fun and earn your special skills certs in a safe fun environment.

Towing Clinics:

We operate towing clinics to provide operators with the Tow Tech certifications and pilots with their Towing Special Skills.  We have a combination of equipment including pay-in and pay-out, hydraulic, mechanical and electric winches.  As the USHPA towing examiner for the region, we can provide the necessary certifications and knowledge to safely and effectively implement a towing program.  If you have a group and need certification, reach out and we can come to you.

Come wander with us!!